You don’t need an IT guy. You need a savvy IT partner.

You can thank—or blame—the ancient Sumerians. Because of them, humanity has been storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating data since they created the earliest known form of writing in 3000 B.C.

So why is “IT” still fraught with headaches and challenges? Because “information technology” is dynamic, constantly evolving, and intricately woven into every aspect of our lives—especially in the way our businesses work. One IT guy just won’t cut it. You need a knowledgeable and experienced IT partner. You need Mentis Group.

Mentis Group takes the time to learn your business, assess areas of real need and make appropriate recommendations. Then our highly skilled certified technicians implement services and systems designed to help you meet your business goals, protect your vital assets and intellectual property, maximize productivity and nurture your success.

For more than a decade, Mentis has been successfully partnering with businesses just like yours—delivering stellar network design, installation, administration and consulting, with a focus on IT solutions and outsourcing network administration services. Just as importantly, we’ve been doing it all within budgets that make sense for our clients.

Nothing is more important to us than creating customized solutions that add real value to your organization and help you achieve your vision.

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“As we roll out wellness programs to help improve the lives of people in communities across the nation, our company is faced with new complexities. Acting as our virtual chief information officer, Mentis Group provides invaluable counsel on a host of business-critical decisions—everything from evaluating our technology needs, vetting external vendors, negotiating contracts, helping us leverage technology to comply with state and local mandates related to the new healthcare laws, even planning details of a major office move to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to our people and operations. Mentis is a trusted business and technology partner who regularly goes above-and-beyond because they really care about our success.”

Lisa C. and Jana L.
United Health Matters