Leadership Team

Bruce Meeks

President and CEO

Bruce’s considerable business and leadership acumen have been well honed over a distinguished career that has included critical roles in business, information technology and energy. With more than 35 years in the technology sector, his expertise includes operations, application implementation and project delivery. Today, Bruce maintains a passion for matching business needs with technology designed to drive greater business value—a passion that was kindled during more than two decades in the oil and gas industry covering upstream and downstream operations. That experience sparked a vision for doing IT better.

After watching companies struggle with technology simply because they did not understand how it could add strategic value to their organizations, Bruce knew Mentis Group could make a difference. What began as a “this is how you align technology to business needs” quickly evolved into “let me take care of your IT while putting it to work for you.” While the company’s customer-centric business model has been refined over the years, Mentis Group now offers a truly winning solution that aligns IT business values with the business values of each client. The synchronicity not only drives client success, it elevates Mentis Group, too. It’s a reciprocal relationship that taps right into the heart of Bruce’s original vision. “I couldn’t dream of anything better,” he says.


Jason Vaught

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Jason Vaught is responsible for shaping Mentis Group’s operation and the development and implementation of growth strategies.   Jason leverages his extensive background in engineering, technical operations, management and sales to facilitate growth and build core business service offerings.

A graduate of Stephen F. Austin University, Jason has spent most of his career in the IT Managed Services industry.  With a strong conviction that a business’ technical strategy should perfectly align with organizational objectives, he works closely with both customers and the Mentis team to deliver best of breed solutions.  Passionate about maintaining long-term customer partnerships with Mentis, his role involves not only strategic technical vision, but also guiding the staff to facilitate a superior customer experience.

Jason enjoys spending time with his family, playing ice hockey, snow skiing, boating, traveling, and just about anything else with a high level of excitement.


Linda Glauben

Vice President, Sales

As a champion for our clients, Linda brings more than a decade of technology experience and extensive sales and customer service to Mentis Group.

Linda is excited to share Mentis Group’s unique perspective around managing technology with local business leaders.  Her ability to assess a technology environment and how it affects the overall performance is helpful in evaluating and applying the right solutions to a business.  Her customer-centric focus, honesty and openness reflect the company’s holistic approach to helping clients reach their objectives.

Having built a wide Circle of Influence over the years, Linda’s has been able to successfully grow the Mentis Group’s client portfolio.  She understands the challenges businesses face using ever-changing technology.  This not only helps our clients but their own clients as well, delivering the best possible service and helping them increase their reach in the marketplace.

Since 2004, Linda has been an active life member and ambassador of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce.   In 2008, she was a recipient of the Paul Hanson Volunteer of the Year Award.

Linda is passionate about traveling, reading, cooking and spending time with her family.


Guerin Woodgate, Jr.

Chief Information Officer

Guerin comes from an extensive technology and business background.  As the Chief Information Officer for Mentis Group, Guerin’s role is multifaceted. Using a combination of organizational, sales, and business acumen, he is able to assist clients with both their business and technology needs. Serving as a liaison between the technical staff and our clients, Guerin makes sure all outstanding customer service issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

Guerin is our client’s advocate within Mentis Group and coordinates the 4 key contract delivery areas:  Reactive Support, Centralized Services, Proactive Support, and Account Management.  The result of this is accountability for creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our most strategic contract clients.  This is accomplished through gaining an intimate knowledge of the client’s business and helping them infuse their strategy with technology.  This position focuses primarily on the business relationship with the client and leveraging Mentis Group’s technical resources to improve their operational efficiencies.

Guerin is the client’s main point of contact.  This includes being a resource for their sales needs and an escalated contact for service-related issues.  Client satisfaction, contract renewals, and discovering additional opportunities fall under the realm of the CIO.

Guerin is an avid car enthusiast.


Katherine Cargile

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Katherine manages the Helpdesk and drives the operational processes and tools utilized across our organization to deliver top-notch services to Mentis clients.

Katherine is a graduate of Texas A&M University.  She has spent almost 20 years in IT across a variety of industries and company sizes.   Her roles have ranged from consulting,  project management, and business analysis to development and architecture.  Her broad experience and focus on business process is an asset to our clients and to Mentis Group.

Katherine is passionate about exemplary customer service and believes the true measure of our company’s efficiency and effectiveness is reflected in the long-term relationships we enjoy with our clients.  Katherine believes Mentis Group differentiates itself by continuously refining processes and following Best Practices.   The exceptional value delivered to our clients while doing what is in their best interest allows them to leverage technology with business strategies.

Katherine loves dogs and spends her free time swimming, biking and traveling.