Our Guarantees

Mentis Group is committed to providing you with exemplary IT solutions to enhance your business. In fact, we are so committed, we offer the following guarantees.

If we don’t meet our agreed service response time, you receive full credit!
If there is a problem and our service team does not fix it within our guaranteed response time, we’ll fix the problem at no cost to you! The time spent fixing the problem will be credited to your monthly subscription—ensuring you don’t pay a penny!

Our quotes are free of hidden fees.
When we provide you with a project quote, there are never any hidden fees. With our price quote guarantee, you can complete projects on budget.

We don’t charge repeat repair fees.
Quite often, when you call someone to fix an IT problem, it may not be resolved on the first visit and you are charged for repeat visits. When you entrust Mentis Group to repair a problem, we do our best to ensure it is fixed right the first time. In the event it isn’t, we will return until it is fixed to your satisfaction—without charging an additional fee.

Guaranteed hardware and software.
When we specify, procure or install software or hardware for your company, we guarantee that it will perform the job it was selected to perform. In the event there is a problem due to our oversight, error or fault, we will fix the problem at no additional charge to your company. Whatever it takes, Mentis Group will make sure our recommended hardware and software solutions meet your needs!

Peace of mind.
When you work with Mentis Group, you no longer have to worry about IT problems! We manage all the risks and day-to-day operations of your IT—leaving you free to focus on your business, not hardware and software. One call to Mentis Group and your worries will be gone!