Financial And Accounting Managed IT

You Need Modern, Secure, And Resilient Technology To Meet The Increasing Complexity Of The Accounting And Financial Services Sector.

Human error is one of the three major root causes of data breaches, accounting for 23% of breaches.

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report

Are these technology issues getting in the way of your ability to adapt and scale?

Do you need to modernize your dated core systems to increase productivity?

You need a technological transformation.

Can you validate that your client’s confidential data is secure?

You need a cybersecurity assessment.

Are you struggling to find the right accounting and financial technology experts?

You need an IT Services partner who has deep experience in your industry.

Is your infrastructure reaching capacity or end of life?

You need to upgrade your hardware.

Are you concerned that your remote workers are putting your company at risk?

You need an enhanced cybersecurity partner.

Do you know if your technology investments are the right ones?

You need vCIO strategy, consulting, and budget planning.

Are you suffering from software sprawl?

You need to streamline and optimize your applications.

Are you scrambling to meet compliance regulatory requirements?

You need compliance expertise.

We designed our Mentis Core Managed IT Service plans with you in mind:

Do you already have in-house IT resources, but they’re spread too thin?

Check-out our Co-Managed IT Services.

Are you looking for cybersecure, compliant aware and rapid responding managed IT Services to help you:

Evaluate and manage your securities policies, procedures, and hygiene according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules.

Ensure you’re meeting FINRA’s regulatory compliance requirements.

Create and implement IT and cybersecurity policies to protect your networks and data.

Monitor and immediately remediate any cybersecurity risks in an evolving threat landscape.

Upgrade, optimize, and stabilize your IT infrastructure and systems to increase your operational efficiency.

Develop a technology roadmap to get the most out of your IT systems and budget.

Support that is proactive, timely, friendly.

Ready for a true, managed IT Services partner?