Cloud Solutions and Cloud IT Services

Cloud Computing is a $150B global industry for good reason; Cloud Solutions for Business provide opportunities to lower costs and increase accessibility to key applications that are the life blood of a company. Most businesses however have one major concern; how safe is the cloud? There are a number of risks that need to be assessed when someone else is looking after your data. Cyber attacks, government intrusion, legal liability and lack of standardization are among the risks that need to be assessed before moving to the cloud.

Is A Cloud Solution Right For Your Business?

While the Mentis team boasts specialists in all the components of cloud solutions and cloud computing—including cloud servers, hosted email, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, mobile computing and virtual desktops—not all businesses need to or should migrate to the cloud. In fact, before we recommend any technology solution, we make sure it is the right solution for your business. This mindful, consultative approach takes into account the characteristics and practices of your business. By doing so, your migration to the cloud is a seamless transition that leverages the cloud’s best features—scalability, cost-savings and 24/7 remote-access.

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“With 25 restaurants in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico, we simply don’t have time to be held hostage by IT issues. Mentis Group helps keep our systems running smoothly. Not only do they provide the architecture that powers a critical point-of-sale application designed to help our associates provide great customer service while streamlining our operations, we rely on Mentis for email management and helpdesk services. The Mentis team is friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and completely in tune with our business technology needs. We’ve been working with Mentis since 2006, and I know I can always rely on them.”

Suzanne R.
Chief Financial Officer