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We manage all of your IT needs for one fixed-price monthly fee, providing 100% of the strategic IT support and administrative services.


We work in cooperation with your internal IT department to increase coverage and efficiency by providing our proven process, tools, and deep pool of strategic CIO and technical resources. This improves the effectiveness of your technical team, making them the hero.


Maximizing productivity and team collaboration is essential to any organization, whether in the office or working from home. Mentis staffs a team of subject matter experts to design, implement, and manage the business appropriate cloud hosted Microsoft Office 365 suite, VoIP phone, or cloud server solution to match your business requirements.

Thoughtful Managed IT Solutions

Why Mentis?

We have all become dependent on technology. Managed IT Services provide companies with strategic alignment to business goals, adequate back-up and the security to ensure operations run efficiently and cost effectively. We have a very unique perspective around IT.

Strategic Alignment

We manage business technology to reach your objectives. To us it is business first, technology follows.

Transparent Pricing

There are never any hidden fees with Mentis. With our price quote guarantee we commit to deliver your services on budget.

Maximize Efficiency

We deliver technology solutions and services that boost productivity, eliminate downtime and drive visible ROI to your bottom line.

Aligning your Technology to your Business Objectives

We believe that an IT managed service provider should be more than just a toolbox or a help desk for when the need arises.

Mentis Group starts with your business objectives in mind; creating the process and plan to achieve your goals by creating a technical road map, aligning your technology needs to optimize for efficiency and reduce risk, and a passion for maintaining performance and improving system workflows.

That’s because of our nearly 20 year track record of providing customized IT solutions to our clients and unparalleled experience.

Hear from Our Clients

Devoted To Excellence

We seek to deliver exceptional service at each opportunity, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our clients are saying about us!

“Mentis has been able to do that (IT Services strategy) in terms of coming up with new policies and procedures and certain installations, server parts and so forth. It was absolutely more strategic and systematic and the biggest impact that we felt was with Mentis, the entire business model, as far the customer was concerned was more proactive. They were able to anticipate issues that they felt we were going to have based on certain measurements and they were able to help us with that. I would recommend them for the relationship. Having Mentis is like having on your staff that you don’t have to manage.”

Dwight Wooten, CIO
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What We Offer

Our Services

There is no single correct solution that is right for every company, so it is incumbent on an IT Consulting Firm to optimize processes for their clients and show them opportunities for competitive advantage. Mentis Group is an IT consulting and services company that helps clients deliver against their explicit business purpose.


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