Referral Program

Earn up to $1000 when you introduce a new client to Mentis Group


Our team takes great pride in delivering professional, valuable support to our clients. One of the biggest ‘thank yous’ our clients give us is by recommending our services to others!


Because of the trust you put in us managing your business technology needs and the risk you take in putting your name on the line for us, we’ve created a referral program to reward you for your kindness.


What’s in it for you


For introducing Mentis to a new opportunity with at least 20 managed users, we will give you a:


  1. $50 Amazon gift card for a qualified introduction that leads to a meeting with the prospective company
  2. $1,000 check for a qualified introduction that leads to a new fully-managed or co-managed client for Mentis


Executive level service and appearance.


To us it is business first, technology follows.


We deliver technology solutions that boost productivity


No hidden fees, ever.

  • Your Information

  • Referral Contact Information

Referrals can be submitted through email, direct conversation with Mentis Group team members or the form above.