Managed Services

Downtime is great when you’re on vacation.

Not when your business is on deadline.

Your system is down—again. A nasty virus encrypted every file
in your system. Your disaster recovery plan is a disaster in the making. And a terminated employee managed to delete every file in the company Dropbox. IT nightmares come in many forms. That’s why you need Mentis Group. As a strategic technology partner, we have the business acumen, in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and highly skilled professionals to keep your network running smoothly and efficiently—24/7. With affordable managed services tailored to your specific business needs, Mentis ensures your network is a competitive advantage, not a vulnerable target. Say goodbye to lost productivity, lost business and lost profits. With Mentis managed services, you can focus on other critical areas of your business without having to worry about the integrity of your network.

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“Mentis Group came in with a fresh set of eyes and helped me solve my network traffic problems quickly and efficiently. They were great to work with and it’s my pleasure to recommend them.”

Alden B.
Mortgage Industry