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We manage all of your IT needs for one fixed-price monthly fee, providing 100% of the strategic IT support and administrative services.


We work in cooperation with your internal IT department to increase coverage and efficiency by providing our proven process, tools, and deep pool of strategic CIO and technical resources. This improves the effectiveness of your technical team, making them the hero.


Maximizing productivity and team collaboration is essential to any organization, whether in the office or working from home. Mentis staffs a team of subject matter experts to design, implement, and manage the business appropriate cloud hosted Microsoft Office 365 suite, VoIP phone, or cloud server solution to match your business requirements.

Securing Client Confidence

Your team has deadlines to meet, client obligations which simply can’t wait, and no time for an unexpected recess. With over 20 years experience in supporting law firms, our team understands time and the firm’s reputation are your most critical assets. Trust Mentis to manage your IT so that you may focus on what matters most, your clients. Learn more

Increasing Your Bottom Line

In an ever-growing regulatory environment, financial services and accounting firms must keep pace with compliance, secure environments from Cybersecurity threats, and maintain highly available systems to ensure client confidence.  With technology now viewed as an important differentiator in the financial services industry, you need a process and security-focused IT partner who will create an IT strategy to align with your business, maintain compliance, and achieve technology success. Learn more

Mission Accomplished

Now more than ever, technology plays a critical role in the success of your mission and impact on the communities you serve.  Strategy, budgets, tailored IT environments and an IT team that understands the unique needs of a non-profit organization are vital to your success.  With a long history of being the IT partner for many non-profit organizations, Mentis Group is the IT team you need. Learn more

Designed for Your Business

Complex solutions require complex tools, robust systems, and a reliable IT infrastructure.  As engineers and architects, you depend on technology to create amazing designs, communicate with clients, and collaborate with your team.  Mentis Group’s comprehensive solutions, process, and deep experience supporting packages such as the Autodesk suite, Bluebeam, Revit, and other industry applications ensures your team operates at peak efficiency. Learn more

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Mentis Group will empower your employees. We’ll give your workforce the tools, applications and connectivity they need to access vital data in the field, on the road, at the plant, at the client’s office and anywhere your growing business takes them—day or night.