Nonprofit Managed IT

You make our communities stronger. We’ll make your technology stronger to support your mission far and wide.

“Up to 70% of charity networks lack a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to determine risk.”


Are These Technology Issues Getting In The Way Of Serving Your Mission?

Are You Struggling With Getting Real-Time Financial Data Quickly And Easily?

You need a streamlined data platform.

Is Working Remotely Putting Your Cause At Increased Cybersecurity Risk?

You need enhanced cybersecurity services to protect your data.

Are You Making Do With Cobbled Together, Outdated, And Disparate Systems?

You need a technology roadmap and the expertise to implement and manage it all.

Are You Challenged By Learning New Technology?

You need expert IT guidance, training, and support.

Are You Unsure Of When And What To Spend Your IT Budget On?

You need strategic guidance on planning wisely for your future technology needs.

We designed our Mentis Core Managed IT Service plans with you in mind:

Do you already have in-house IT resources, but they’re spread too thin?

Check-out our Co-Managed IT Services.

Are you looking for affordable, cybersecure and dependable managed IT Services to help you:

Manage safe access to your network and data for remote workers.

Protect you from cybersecurity threats and data breaches.

Install fast, reliable internet to prevent interruptions and costly downtimes.

Ensure compatibility across your legacy IT systems and devices with newer technologies.

Maintain one single contact for all your IT vendors.

Establish regulatory cybersecurity compliance to protect confidential information.

Set-up and run cloud-based and onsite backups, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Integrate multiple software systems such as your donor management and customer relationship management (CRM) to maximize your operational efficiency.

Train your team to understand and recognize new cyber threats as they appear on the horizon.

Strategize and control volunteer access to your passwords, accounts, and confidential data to prevent accidental loss or breaches.

Develop a technology roadmap to get the most out of your budget and IT systems.

Support that is proactive, timely, friendly.

Ready for a true, managed IT Services partner?