Microsoft 365 Migration
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Microsoft 365 Migration

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Mentis Group specializes in providing Microsoft 365 migration services to companies in the Carrollton, TX area. Our Microsoft 365 migration services will help you easily move to Microsoft 365 and avoid any problems with the transition. Contact us today to speak to a Microsoft 365 migration expert.

Microsoft 365 Migration

With the ever-evolving technological environment, more enterprises are shifting towards hybrid migration. There’re several advantages your business can derive through the integration of your on-premises exchange services and your existing directory service. However, most companies have limited information on how to migrate to the cloud.

If you are stuck on how to migrate from one platform to the next, we have the solution for you. We are a Microsoft 365 migration company with long-standing experience in hybrid migration. Our guarantee to our clients is a well-configured Microsoft suite that will transform your approach to business.


Why You Need to Consider Our Microsoft 365 Migration Service

Every organization assesses the benefits of making a particular decision in business. Your decision to consider Microsoft 365 migration should be based on these potential benefits.

Guaranteed Remote Access for All Your Employees

The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore the benefits of remote working. Today, more businesses seem to embrace the idea of easy access to a virtual office from anywhere. Once we integrate your on-premises exchange servers with the existing service directory, your employees will have the luxury of remotely accessing the office.

Consolidation Of All Your Emails and Scheduling into One Secure Location

Our Microsoft 365 migration helps your business consolidate all your emails and scheduling into one secure location. Apart from unmatched consolidation for all your emails, we also prioritize securing the location, which is critical considering the underlying vulnerabilities on the cloud.

Unmatched Efficiency

Our Microsoft 365 migration service is efficiency-driven, and we ensure that our services are efficient enough to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Is It the Right Time to Migrate to Microsoft 365?

Timing is everything for a business. As you rebuild or enhance your core systems and infrastructure, moving to a hybrid set would be a monumental strategic decision. This could be the best time to tap into some vital benefits of Microsoft 365.

  1. Enhanced Security and Compliance
    Times have changed, and security is one of the main issues bedeviling information security. Our Microsoft 365 migration will be a great tool for enhancing your security. Our service ensures that there’s;

    • Deployment of multi-factor authentication before any access
    • Deployment of active online email threat protection
    • Configuration of strict user rights for the end-users
    • Design of Microsoft in tune with the management of mobile device functionality
  2. Enhanced Collaboration
    Our Microsoft 365 migration service allows users access to a shared calendar, project planners, and shared inbox. The migration will allow you to create a collaboration space with multiple platforms, which include

    • Multi-platform chat
    • Video conferencing
    • Group-oriented interactions
  3. Optimized Infrastructure
    Minimized physical infrastructure means less staff. With the migration to Microsoft 365, you’ll enjoy optimized infrastructure with lower maintenance and operational costs. The cloud-based infrastructure also means unmatched levels of efficiency.

Why We are the Best in the Market


Unbiased Service Delivery

When it comes to service delivery, we make no distinctions. As a result, even if you only have one mailbox, you will enjoy the same high-quality services as a thousand mailbox clients. In addition, we’ll walk you through each stage and assign you a specialized expert to help you.

Server Virtualization Solutions

Well – Defined Procedures

Migrating Microsoft 365 applications to the cloud may improve corporate efficiency dramatically. However, the migration must be carried out correctly and openly. If there is one thing you can bet on with us, it is our well-defined procedures.


Security and Dependability

Microsoft 365 has advanced security functions and capabilities. This is coupled with a financial service level agreement (SLA) that ensures 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, we have a team of in-house cybersecurity professionals ready to help you if a problem develops.


Limited Downtime During the Migration

Are you concerned about the impact of downtime during relocation on your productivity? We understand as much. It is not only about migration for us. It is all about continuous scalability. This implies that the whole procedure will proceed without any interruptions.

Choose a Reliable Migration Service Provider

Given the significance of effective communication and cooperation, you cannot risk the process of Microsoft 365 migration to just any provider. You must choose a reputable Microsoft 365 conversion provider.

That’s precisely what you get when you work with us. Our goal is to enable you to develop unrivaled teamwork and efficiency.

It is to make that all-important migration. Contact us immediately to discuss the shift to Microsoft 365.

A Partner You Can Trust

At Mentis Group, we understand how the little things can affect business performance. This is why our Microsoft 365 Migration services come with a promise of reliability and satisfaction. Reach out to us today to speak to a Microsoft 365 consultant.