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Mentis Group specializes in providing Network Penetration Assessments in the Garland, TX area. We provide network penetration scans and network penetration audits to help you secure your business’ network. Mentis Group provides premium quality services to individuals and businesses seeking a reliable network penetration testing company. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Those seeking premium quality audits & scans and network penetration services from a qualified network penetration testing company can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Business Continuity
  • Uncover Cybersecurity Risks
  • Work with a Trusted Company
  • Cyber Defense Testing
  • Third-Party Assistance
  • Regulatory Compliance

Guaranteed Business Continuity

One of the top benefits of working with Mentis Group is that it helps guarantee business continuity. Those who make the mistake of waiting until after their system has been attacked tend to suffer substantially more damage than those who get prepared. Fortunately, companies that take the protective approach to cybersecurity can drastically reduce, if not outright eliminate, this subsequent downtime.

Uncover Cybersecurity Risks

Another major benefit of investing in network penetration assessments is that they can help uncover cybersecurity risks in real time. In other words, it allows companies to take a realistic glimpse into their systems in order to observe any potential vulnerabilities and fix them before cybercriminals get a chance to exploit them.

Moreover, it also reveals human errors that can also negatively affect the security of any given system. For instance, investing in network penetration testing services can reveal employees using insufficient passwords or otherwise ignoring protocols. Doing so can allow companies to address and fix these issues before ever experiencing a cybersecurity breach.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

As you may imagine, if information from your networks is listed on the Dark Web, the consequences for the company and users in question may be dire. This is where our Dark Web monitoring services come into play.

With our team of experts and in-house solutions, we will search for any reference to personal or business information on the Dark Web. Should your information be found, we will notify you, allowing you to take action before it’s sold.

Here are some stats demonstrating the importance of Dark Web Support:

  • Your employees often use the same passwords for different services such as network login, online stores, social media, banking, and others, significantly increasing the risk brought by one compromised credential
  • Your company becomes more vulnerable each time employees use their work email on third-party websites
  • Due to the limited visibility you have when credentials are stolen, such breaches are reported to victims by third parties over 75% of the time
  • Compromised credentials are used to orchestrate further criminal activity such as financial fraud, accessing corporate information, and identity theft

Working with a Trusted Company

Yet another major benefit of working with Mentis Group is that we’re a reputable company with years of experience. Cybersecurity is a very serious matter that requires working with a trustworthy company. Failing to vet a company properly can leave a company’s system more vulnerable than ever. Luckily, working with a company with a well-established track record can prevent companies from being victimized or under-protected by newer, less reliable companies.

Cyber Defense Testing

No matter how large or successful a company may be, it is only as strong as its cybersecurity system. Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of waiting until after being attacked to test their systems’ general effectiveness. Indeed, there are plenty of safeguards and methods for preventing cyberattacks. However, there are also lots of ways to mismanage these tools, leaving the system more vulnerable than before. Fortunately, working with a reputable network penetration company. This makes it possible to employ new products and methods to boost cyber defense immediately.

Third-Party Assistance

Companies who choose to handle their cyber defense in-house grossly underestimate the power of working with third parties. In particular, working with third parties can provide companies with an objective overview of their system’s issues, which can better enable them to make more informed decisions moving forward. Additionally, investing in third-party services can force companies and management to take cybersecurity more seriously. When working with in-house professionals, it can be easy to overlook or underestimate the various issues being uncovered on a daily basis. However, working with an outside party can help alert managers and other decision-makers to the severity of specific problems.

Regulatory Compliance

Investing in network penetration testing services can also help with regulatory compliance. Given that cybersecurity breaches are becoming increasingly common while most companies are diving deeper into the meta world, the business realm is becoming subject to an increasing number of cybersecurity regulations. Rather than leaving it to chance or trusting inexperienced cybersecurity companies to help, investing in a trustworthy company can ensure that businesses are able to get and remain in compliance with any and all regulations set forth by the government. This not only makes for a safer company and system overall, but it also allows companies to avoid fines and other fees associated with the failure to comply with these new regulations.

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These days, maintaining a high level of cybersecurity is imperative to the long-term success of any given company. Therefore, being proactive about cybersecurity is one of the best ways for companies and organizations to stay steps ahead of cyber criminals and other potentially harmful parties. No matter what sector you may be working in or how large or small your business may be, Mentis Group is here to serve you. Providing impressive network testing services to individuals and businesses seeking a reliable network penetration testing company, contact us today to schedule a consultation.