Technology should drive business growth, not hold it back.

Co-Managed IT & Support for Dallas / Fort Worth

Co-Managed IT

Our experts take care of anything your IT team can’t cover, from day-to-day maintenance to special projects. We bring more experience and multi-solution expertise to wherever you need us most. We want to help you maximize the impact you have in your company without the additional burden.

You deserve a TRUE technology partner like Mentis Group!

What are the Benefits of Mentis Co-Managed IT Services?

Leverage our Best in Class ticketing, documentation, monitoring and automation platforms for seamless integration between our technical team and yours

Leverage our award winning processes in your environment, making YOUR IT TEAM the HERO

Ability to tap additional manpower

Broaden the range of experience and expertise

Increased visibility into network performance and streamlined collaboration

Lower costs with affordable solutions

Why Mentis?

Our Co-Managed IT Services and Support can give your internal IT team a boost with our award-winning process, expertise, planning, tools, personnel and other resources. For almost 20 years we’ve been providing customized IT solutions for small businesses with 20-400 users in the D/FW area. Our unparalleled experience and fixed-pricing model will save you time, money and increase the efficiency of your business operations.

How Our Process Works

EVALUATE and Understand Your Business
ALIGN your Technology to Best Practices and Your Business Objectives
EXECUTE and Manage Your IT

71% of CIOs and IT managers don’t feel they’re maximizing their impact in their company. Most time is being spent on trivial issues instead of strategic business initiatives.

We Solve Your Problems


Free your internal IT resources to focus on mission critical initiatives

Gain back time to focus on IT vision and strategy

Protect your users and achieve compliance

More resources to help on daily tasks and projects

Mentis consistently demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence. Their continuity of experience, knowledge and relationships translates into value for our organization because they understand the needs of our business.

– Dwight Wooten, Sr., MSIS, MBA | Chief Information Officer

We Are Ready

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Mentis Group will empower your employees. We’ll give your workforce the tools, applications and connectivity they need to access vital data in the field, on the road, at the plant, at the client’s office and anywhere your growing business takes them—day or night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Co-managed IT Services?

Co-Managed IT Services combines the resources of an organization’s internal IT team with highly skilled professionals from a Managed Service Provider to maximize the impact of the internal IT resources.