How Managed IT Services Compare to the Break/Fix IT Model

Cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses around the world. It has been predicted that a ransomware attack gets through every 14 seconds—and that’s just one type of cyber attack.

Comprehensive IT support is crucial to combat the many cybersecurity threats that could impact a business. The right IT support will ensure that your organization has the best defenses to thwart cyber attacks and keep your company safe.

So how do you find the right IT support? The best IT companies will provide you with a proactive approach to solving your IT problems, constant monitoring for immediate support in case your systems ever become compromised, and an individualized plan that is designed for your business’s needs.

But this type of service is different from how IT companies operated ten or twenty years ago. Let’s go over the differences between a comprehensive IT plan from a Managed Service Provider and the traditional break/fix approach to IT.

Managed IT Services vs. Break/Fix IT Model

A break/fix IT model involves calling IT support for help after you discover a problem that needs to be fixed. This type of service has worked for businesses in the past; however, this limited support is no longer sufficient for contemporary businesses.

In the past, businesses didn’t rely so heavily on technology for daily operations, and cyber threats were not as advanced and unrelenting as they are today. That’s why modern businesses require a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to help them manage their security needs.

Managed IT Services use a proactive approach to guard against threats before they become a problem and update systems before they fail, greatly diminishing the need for “fixing” anything. Plus, Managed IT Service companies are saving businesses money by offering a number of benefits over break/fix IT.

Managed IT Services Are Proactive

The break/fix IT model is based on putting out fires after they’ve already caused damage. However, Managed IT Services take a much more proactive approach to IT management.

Instead of waiting for an issue to arise, managed IT providers create and continually update a security plan to prevent breaches and attacks before they happen, and they monitor a business’s systems 24/7 in order to immediately address any threats or vulnerabilities that do arise. Your business can be protected from data breaches, downtime, and other expensive problems before they occur, rather than waiting for them to happen.

Pay One Low Cost

One issue many businesses find they have with IT support is that they find their costs quickly getting out of control. This is especially true with the break/fix model of IT support, since it’s impossible to predict how many problems you might need help with during the year. When calling an IT company to fix an issue, you may not even know the cost until after the work has been completed.

However, Managed Service Providers offer their services at a set monthly fee, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and exactly what you will receive for your money. They provide continual monitoring and support both on-site and remotely, taking care of all of your IT and cybersecurity needs.

The cost of using an MSP is usually equal to or less than the cost of employing one full-time IT professional. This means that your business has access to the expertise of a whole team of IT professionals for the same price as one in-house employee. The combination of this expertise, constant monitoring, and other benefits offered by Managed Service Provider at a low cost makes outsourcing IT services an attractive option for companies unable to retain a full in-house IT team.

Get an IT Strategy That Meets Your Needs

Businesses that choose to use break/fix IT support will receive generic solutions. This approach provides fixed solutions that might not work for your business, let alone be tailored to your needs and circumstances. Managed IT Services provide an alternative by working with their clients on an individual basis; taking the time to understand their business model, how they use technology, and their goals for future progress; and then creating a specific plan molded for those needs.

The break/fix model of IT support is outdated and no longer serves the modern business. Any businesses that want to ensure they have an IT strategy that is personalized and always meets their needs should turn to a Managed Service Provider. Preventing problems and fully protecting your business now means you will save money now and in the future.