Disaster Recovery & Backup

Does your disaster recovery and backup plan need a backup plan?

Your system was hacked over the holidays. A virus corrupted all of your data. A power outage triggered a system-wide crash. It’s in times like these that you discover just how good your disaster recovery and backup system really is. And for many companies, this is when pain and regret become powerful motivators to finally get serious about backup. But as they’ve learned the hard way, backup is never just about backing up your date. It’s about recovering your data—restoring it so the people who need your data have access to it without costly downtime. With Mentis, you never have to lose sleep over backup issues. Our comprehensive data restore plan safeguards four aspects of your vital data: file restore, volume restore, system restore and site restore—a critical aspect often overlooked by many IT companies. We don’t follow the old notion that thinks of backup as a scheduled event that only happens within a limited window of time on certain days. With our exclusive Restore Point, you get a robust system that ensures backup happens on a continuous basis. You never miss a byte of data. Once data is created, it is not only saved, but can be fully recovered and restored.

Proper backup will ensure you have a copy of all your business critical information.  This includes clients’ data and contact information, financial accounts, contracts and other important documents, and whatever else you’d need to keep business running in case of a crisis.

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“Our previous IT partner unfortunately lacked pro-active support and provided slow response times to our problems. We chose Mentis Group because of their industry experience, positive referral feedback, and price point. In fact, our expectations have been exceeded. Mentis has gone above and beyond what is outlined in the support contract. Thank you Mentis!”

Mike S., Wholesale Distributors