Does cybersecurity keep you awake at night?

Security threats are everywhere and growing more sophisticated each day. Every business is vulnerable—including yours. Malware, cyber criminals, disgruntled employees, sneaky emails and spam scams wreak havoc every day. With Mentis Vault, your data remains secure no matter where it is. Whether it’s housed on a server, stored in a Dropbox on the cloud or accessed via laptops out in the field, Mentis offers comprehensive measures to safeguard your data. We make sure the only people who have access to your data are the ones you authorize—period. Our security experts are well versed in risk scenarios, and keep pace with the constantly evolving nature of threats and how to successfully mitigate them. We take a holistic rather than “bolt on” approach to ensure we understand how your business operates, identify vulnerabilities, determine what’s really needed, and create a customized solution to safeguard your valuable data 24/7.

Security services include:

  • Network Security (Servers, Databases, Applications)
  • Internet Security (Cloud, Wireless)
  • End Point Security (Computer, Email, Mobile)

Through assessment, testing and detection systems there are proactive measures that can be taken to predict if you have any vulnerabilities.

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“We turned to Mentis Group for help with an internal data back-up of critical business files. They not only preserved our files, but also implemented security measures to protect our assets and business continuity from future threats—internal and external. Mentis not only steps in when we need them most, they keep an eye out for the things that we have not anticipated.”

Mike A.