Strategic IT services should HELP your business, not hurt it – Hear from one of your peers how they did it

Take if from two of our customers: technology makes the difference between growing and staying stuck.

When choosing your next IT Services partner, be sure that strategic vCIO is part of the package.

Without strategy, any attempt at growth will be especially painful, if it succeeds at all since it’s almost impossible to work in today’s world without, at least, one computer.

Dwight Wooten, CIO of Fashion Glass and Mirror, shares how he partnered with us to help them grow and best serve their customers.

“Mentis has been able to do that [IT Services strategy] in terms of coming up with new policies and procedures and certain installations, server parts and so forth. It was absolutely more strategic and systematic and the biggest impact that we felt was with Mentis, the entire business model, as far the customer was concerned was more proactive. They were able to anticipate issues that they felt we were going to have based on certain measurements and they were able to help us with that. I would recommend them for the relationship. Having Mentis is like having on your staff that you don’t have to manage.”

Though we pride ourselves on our proactive strategies that take care of potential issues on the horizon in advance, we also know how to support you when it counts the most.

Take for example, one of our nonprofit partners, Patriot PAWS. Here’s Rick Stevens, their Facilities Manager, sharing more about how technology and the right IT Services partner can make all the difference in the size of the community you can serve.

“As a small nonprofit, we had a lot of flash drives everywhere because we were trying to attach files that were too big to send over email and we had to get them to the other computer, and they weren’t linked in any way so. Mentis came through and helped us with our servers and basic software issues, whether it’d be Google Chrome that doesn’t open or something like that and ultimately helped us in the end realize that we were wasting a lot of time on technical issues that we could be putting towards our mission…that’s something we need help with to change. Mentis came through and helped us get a lot of time back on the clock to put towards our mission. Communication is one of the top things I would brag on about Mentis. Another thing they do is a quick turn-around.”

If you can relate to some of the struggles that our customers have faced, please reach out to connect with us.

No matter what your technology needs are, we can help. We’ll partner with you to get you and your business back on track for long-term technology sustainability and growth.

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