What technology security tactics, VPN, and network security have in common

As your business continues to grow, technology becomes trickier and trickier to manage.

Many days it can feel like you’re parenting a petulant child.

Through it all, there’s one thing to NOT forget:

How to be safe and secure.

It’s easy to become complacent, we get it.

However, whether or not your employees continue to work remotely or plan to transition back to your office, there are some very important things you must consider.

Addressing these items will help you better plan for your whole teams security and communication needs whether they work in person or remote. This way your business can leave all the chaos and stress of changing work environments behind allowing you to propel forward smoothly.

You must secure your network

Ideally, you would have secured your network as soon as your team transitioned to remote work. However, if not, it’s never too late to start.

The bottom line: You have to find secure networks in which you and your employee can share company data and information.

Whether it’s a remote access connection, Microsoft Teams, or another cloud application, make sure it’s completely secure and setup backups in case something goes awry.

Once this technology is in place, its’ time to onboard your team and train them to adopt best practices to keep your network secure. So be sure to train again and again and often. Be sure your employees understand your new standards and expectations around how to keep your network secure. Learn more about what types of training your team needs here.


Clear and timely communication are paramount to optimizing work flows and task management.

Whether it’s email, videoconference calls, or phone calls, keeping in contact with your employees even though they are not physically present is really critical.

Finding secure methods in which to communicate and conduct meetings will be very important for the success of both you and your employee in a working from home model.

IT support for everyone, including remote workers

Do you have a plan to help remote workers troubleshoot any IT issues? If not, it may cause undue frustration, productivity issues, and extended deadlines.

If your team is unable to connect to your secure network or get access to your line-of-business (LOB) applications, you may be paying them to sit and twiddle their thumbs. So, make sure they have timely, effective IT support as soon as they need it to prevent wasteful downtimes.

Again, it is essential to your growth and operations to have a strategy in place to secure your network, train your team and rapidly resolve any IT issues that result in work not getting done.

Need help on where to start with all this? Let us empower your teams in focusing on your business not your technology. Schedule a meeting today!