How to Know Your Current IT Company Just Isn’t Cutting It

How to Know Your Current IT Company Just Isn’t Cutting It

To function optimally and increase your profitability in today’s modern world, it’s essential for any business to have an effective IT infrastructure. That includes having an IT provider who offers effective IT management and maintenance—otherwise, you could be wasting money on inadequate solutions.

If you’re not sure if your IT provider is quite cutting it when it comes to managing your IT, you may be right. Here are three signs your IT provider is missing the mark and it’s time to switch to more robust IT support:

1. They Take a Break/Fix Approach

Many IT companies unfortunately still utilize an outdated break/fix approach. In fact, their entire business model runs on the assumption that your IT systems will break . . . and break, and break again. Known as a break/fix cycle, they earn your business by providing temporary fixes only when a visible issue arises. They have little motivation to offer more permanent, business-appropriate solutions because they operate on a project-to-project basis. 

Instead of taking a reactive stance when it comes to IT issues, your IT company should be taking a proactive approach. A reliable Managed Service Provider will monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure that any new threats or vulnerabilities in your systems are detected and addressed immediately. Managed Service Providers are hired on a monthly fee basis, so they are much more motivated to provide long-term solutions that improve your systems so they can keep your business. 

By pre-empting potential issues and rectifying them before a failure occurs, you can ensure your systems are well-protected against increasing threats such as ransomware. You can also avoid unnecessary costs associated with downtime, thus maximizing your own productivity and profits. 

2. They Don’t Offer Comprehensive Cyber Security

If your IT service provider takes a reactive approach to cyber security, your company is already on the back foot. Waiting for a breach to occur can have catastrophic consequences for any organization, and it’s something you may not be able to recover from. 

Data loss, downtime and reputational damage can bankrupt many businesses, even seemingly large and robust organizations. In fact, IBM found that the average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million, a fee most businesses can’t afford to pay. That’s why a comprehensive cyber security strategy needs to be in place before potential breaches arise. 

By partnering with an IT provider who offers expert security services to develop preventative cyber security protocols for your organization, you can protect your company and client data. In doing so, you’ll ensure you stay compliant with cyber security regulations and maintain customer loyalty.

3. They Provide Generic Solutions

To be truly effective, the hardware, software, networks, and security solutions your IT company provides should be customized to your business needs. As every organization operates differently, it’s essential that your IT systems are also tailored to your business strategy and goals.

If your existing IT services company is providing generic solutions, it’s usually indicative of a flaw in their operations. A one-size-fits-all approach cannot adequately meet the needs of businesses across different industries, of varying sizes, and with unique business models. 

Rather, you should work with an IT company who understands your company and provides personalized solutions that align with your business strategy. After all, most businesses are technology-reliant these days, so if your IT isn’t prepared to scale and adapt to support the needs of your growing business, how can you expect your business to grow at all?

No matter what industry you operate in, it’s critical that your technology doesn’t let you down or cause unnecessary interruptions to normal business operations. If your IT company isn’t cutting it, it’s time to switch to a provider who can give you the personalized support you need.