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Managed IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations.

Now more than ever, technology plays a critical role in the success of your mission and impact on the communities you serve.  Strategy, budgets, tailored IT environments and an IT team that understands the unique needs of a nonprofit organization are vital to your success.  With a long history of being the IT partner for many nonprofit organizations, Mentis Group is the IT team you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Mentis Group Managed IT Services For Non-Profits?

Strategy: Dedicated focus on strategic roadmaps and budgeting

Accessibility: Access your data and applications fast and efficiently anytime regardless of your location with both on-premise and cloud solutions tailored to the unique needs of nonprofits

Security: Protecting donor, sponsor, and organization data against cyber threats

Communication: The ability to connect your community with mobile solutions, online fundraising, and social media integration to further your mission

Collaboration: Implementation of collaboration tools and solutions to improve staff productivity

Support: Deep experience supporting nonprofits and working with nonprofit vendor programs (TechSoup, Microsoft Non-Profit, etc) so that your team stays on mission

Why Mentis?

We find that many nonprofit organizations work with IT service companies not designed for them.  This leads to a strategy which does not account for nonprofit structure and budget needs, and ultimately leads to recurring issues.

With a significant number of Mentis clients in the nonprofit space, we understand the unique challenges of nonprofit organizations.  We help nonprofits plan, budget for, implement, and manage technology that is perfectly suited to their mission.

How Our Process Works

EVALUATE and Understand Your Business
ALIGN your Technology to Best Practices and Industry Standards
EXECUTE and Manage Your IT

Problems Solved by Mentis Group Managed IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Dedicated focus on strategy and budget to achieve full value of the IT investment

Secure confidential donor and organizational data

Support from a IT partner who understands the unique needs of a nonprofit

Unlimited scalability of your IT team as your nonprofit grows

Increased operational efficiency

Experience Minimal Downtime

Increased protection from cyber threats

Secure local and cloud data backup

Mentis consistently demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence. Their continuity of experience, knowledge and relationships translates into value for our organization because they understand the needs of our business.

– Dwight Wooten, Sr., MSIS, MBA | Chief Information Officer

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