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5 Ways an MSP can Help You Maximize your Cloud System

Today’s companies run on data—and lots of it. Yet, managing and maintaining all that information can be overwhelming, particularly with near constant security threats, and system glitches to navigate. Whether your business has chosen to maintain on-premise servers, or host your data and applications in the cloud, expert support will help you realize the benefits of your solution.

Over the past decade, the cloud industry has seen a significant increase in growth due to increased awareness of its many capabilities and benefits. Oftentimes, businesses see cloud services as something that are simple to manage in-house because of the slick user interface and availability of online documentation.

While this may seem like a simple approach with little or no management and planning required, that is simply not the case. Just as is the case with on-premise hosted server infrastructure, a cloud hosted infrastructure requires the management of a strategic technical team in your corner.

Many businesses are not fully capable of maintaining and updating their cloud services, necessitating the help of a managed service provider, leaving you free to focus on your business goals.

1. Cost Management

Many cloud hosted environments have plans which are customizable, which can present the problem of properly scaling the cloud environment. . Allocate too few resources to the environment performance will suffer, and the end user experience will be poor. If environments are over provisioned with resources a business may pay many thousands of dollars more than necessary for the hosting of the environment. Without a strategic approach, built on a foundation of deep technical expertise, businesses risk being sold packages that way oversized for their needs.

For this reason, and others, it is crucial that your technology first align with your business objectives. Then, as part of the process and plan to move forward, an MSP can implement the right cloud solutions for your business as part of your technical roadmap.

2. Expert Implementation

With a team of experts, managed service providers are well-versed on the latest breakthroughs, trends, and demands that can be tailored specifically to your business goals. While many business owners could tap the surface of potential for many online platforms, a service provider can fully implement the benefits of the cloud platform of your choice, be it Microsoft Azure, Office365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), etc. Their expertise can be relied upon 24/7 to make informed decisions about their infrastructure, rather than business owners relying on their own research or guesswork when issues arise.

3. Increased Efficiency

Using a managed service provider to support your cloud infrastructure ensures that all your controls are in a central data center, simplifying network administration and support. Instead of your employees wasting precious time and efficiency toggling between Google, Slack, Dropbox, and your own self-hosted software they can rely on one system, which will ultimately let you focus on your work and growing your business rather than trying to fix endless IT issues.

4. Rapid Response

With a managed service provider, you are guaranteed 24/7 support. Experts are ready to address any issues in your network infrastructure. You would no longer be burdened by office hours to access files, or fix any problems that might arise.

5. Custom Reporting

A Cloud Management Service can show you the return your system is giving you and offer areas of opportunity to improve. Looking at things like system use, employee adoption, device audits and security can allow you to ensure your system is being both utilized and protected.

Managed cloud services help thousands of businesses to save money, improve productivity, and scale resources. Mentis Group can help you unlock the power of these systems to deliver results to your business.